UNLV Showcase 2008
Category: 2008 Festival
Year: 2008
Country: USA
Time: 97 minutes
Director: Various
Section: Nevada Filmmaking
UNLV FILMMAKER SHOWCASE 48 Hours - The Mockumentary – dir. Jeremy Cloe (5 min) A 48 hour film. Student filmmakers struggle to complete their film before the deadline. Cold Feet – dir. Nick VanDevender (7 min) Sometimes your wedding day is the happiest day of your life, and sometimes, it isn’t. Don’t Spill the Beans – dir. Andy Carney (5.5min) A 48 hour film. A dead banker, a cheating wife, and a can of beans. Can Detective Michaels put the pieces together? Simon – dir. West McDowell (7 min) Two misfit brothers struggle to grow up and survive high school. Comedy Is Pain – dir. Kynan Dias (6 min) A documentary about a failed comedian after his death. Champ Steel – dir. David Bryan (5 min) The world's deadliest celebrity bodyguard is available, cheap. Interruption – dir. Crystal Meeks (8 min) A 48 hour film. Edna’s family fights to help her end a bizarre addiction. Magic Hour – dir. A.J. Ovio (2.5 min) A frantic journey must be completed before the sun goes down. A Boy and a Boombox – dir. Kathrina Bognot (8 min) A magical tape deck changes the lives of a Las Vegas family. Thin Walls – dir. Jeremy Cloe (10 min) The lives of three neighbors intersect in a tragic way. All That Remains of Me – dir. Rob Sholty (5 min) A man discovers that his roommate has succumbed to a horrifying illness. The Box – dir. Eddie Uehara (7 min) A mysterious package torments a woman. Are you Sleeping, Brother John – dir. Kyle Soehngen (10 min) John comes home to find answers in his brother’s murder. The Rose – dir. Clinton James (4.5 min) A nightmare of murder changes the lives of three roommates. HIStory – dir. Rei Vallejo (12 min) A high school student finds romance from an unlikely direction.
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