Garbanzo Gas
Category: 2007 Festival
Year: 2007
Country: USA
Time: 75 minutes
Director: Giuseppe Andrews
Miles Dougal, Walt Dongo, Vietnam Ron, Tiffany Naylor, Walter Patterson
Section: Area 52
Premiere Status: World Premiere
Official Website:
Underground filmmaker Giuseppe Andrews returns to the helm to direct this surreal statement against animal abuse produced by Adam Rifkin. Dougal and Dongo are two small-time criminals who have just scammed an unsuspecting woman's social-security check. Their plan for the cash: to rent a local hotel room and take in a televised kangaroo fight. Unfortunately the pair stays up arguing and misses the match. Deeply depressed by their blunder and lacking the cash needed to purchase the baked potatoes they so deeply desire, Dougal and Dongo vow to commit suicide when checkout time rolls around. Meanwhile, a talking cow released from the local slaughterhouse checks into the room next door, and a murderous homeless man who receives his instructions through bath towels reads a newspaper report about the cow's reprieve and sets out in search of some steak.
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