Nevada Filmmaker Showcase 2003
Category: 2003 Festival
Year: 2003
Country: USA
Time: 128 minutes
Director: Various
Section: Nevada Filmmaking
The Big Ride (4min, Wolfgang Muchow) For some the weekends were made for cruising. Bathtime (18 min, Francisco Menendez) an impossible mission, a dangerous foe, and a bar of soap. Tres Delicuentes (20 min, Nathan Clay, Eduardo Mayen) One Briefcase, two points of view, three delicuentes. Jar of Grasshoppers (10 min, Chris McInroy) A young man dares to overcome the regulations placed on him by society. Plastic Jesus (18 min, David Schmoeller) What if praying gave you whatever you desired? Bestest Man (15 min, Kai Murphy) What if you marrried an idiot? One Drink (10 min, Doug Shutte) Sometimes one drink is all it takes. Open Mic (22 min, Wesley Hirni, Charles J. Akin) Three guys walk into a bar...the lover, the thief, and the imbecile. Touched (11 min, Mike Clark) Can Random chance create permanent change?
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