Animal Charm: Wet and Wreckless
Category: 2003 Festival
Year: 2003
Country: USA
Time: 60 minutes
Director: Richard Bott, Jim Fetterly
Section: Area 52
CineVegas is proud to present a new video performance by Los Angeles’ deconstruction crew Animal Charm. Drawing from a huge library of found videos (primarily of the educational, corporate and instructional variety) from thrift stores and production company dumpsters, the video DJ pirates re-edit and destroy the images to show their true meaning below the warped surface. Using their Videonics MX-Pro mixer named “Tracey,” Animal Charm will edit video and audio in a live mix session before the audience. We all know the mass media can distort reality, but to see slick production packaging broken down is enlightening and hilarious. Animal Charm provide that same kind of insight you have when you wake up at 2:44 a.m., television set on right in the middle of a program, while that sleepy stuff is crusting your eyelids shut. Due to a recent incident, Animal Charm will perform two nights in locations we cannot disclose yet, for fear of police repercussions and corporate outrage.
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