4th Dimension, The
Category: 2006 Festival
Year: 2006
Country: USA
Time: 82 minutes
Director: Tom Mattera
Louis Morabito, Miles Williams, Karen Peakes, Kate LaRoss, Suzanne Inman
Section: Jackpot Premieres
Premiere Status: World Premiere
Official Website: www.4thdmovie.com/
Trailer: http://latemag.com/film/the-4th-dimension-trailer/
By day, troubled genius Jack Emitni works as a repairman in an antique shop. By night he tries to solve the mysteries of time and reconcile his bewildering present with his past. When a mysterious woman offers Jack a broken clock which is not to be repaired, it begins an exploration of an enigmatic older couple, childhood memories and Einstein's still unsolved Unified Field Theory. Stunning black-and-white cinematography highlights the cold winter landscape and reflects Jack's haunted and puzzling interior world. Interwoven flashbacks of a young Jack being raised by his ailing mother inform the present tale of Jack's search for the unexplainable. In a riveting performance, Louis Morabito plays the adult Jack who obsesses about locking doors, washing his hands and traversing the fourth dimension. Writer/directors Tom Mattera and David Mazzoni bring dreams, memories and shadows to life as Jack investigates the space-time continuum so that he can ultimately unveil the truth about himself.
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