She Unfolds by Day
Category: 2008 Festival
Year: 2008
Country: USA
Time: 71 minutes
Director: Rolf Belgum
Merrilyn Belgum, Jacques (fox terrier), Christopher Wells, Julia Belgum, Rolf Belgum
Section: Jackpot Premieres
Premiere Status: World Premiere
Each afternoon, the world spins and tilts. On one particular day a man looks after his 80-year-old mother, who is coping with signs of Alzheimer’s and often goes missing. While he tries to balance his own medical issues in the tense situation, his mother tries to keep a normal life, dealing with feelings of abandonment and confusion. And Jacques the dog just wants to be recognized. As mother wanders outside, drawn to nearby woods, all of nature comes to the forefront—catapillars, bees, wolves, the changing seasons—and intertwines with our own world. Director Rolf Belgum spent four years weaving visuals of tiny creatures from his backyard, animated motions of his dog, and characteristics of the lives of wolves with the unpredictable nature of his mother. After each tense scene comes levity and playfulness, allowing our erratic world to take its less significant place aside everything else. The circles of life and the seasons aren’t just over the course of a year, but renew themselves each day. Belgum tackles these cycles with inventiveness and a beautiful cinematic flow. What was originally planned as a documentary became a scripted, delicately edited fiction film—which in turn became a mesmerizing study of all of nature.
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